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Managing and Navigating the College Placement Process

Bolles Parents and Swimmers, do you feel overwhelmed by the college recruiting process and unsure of where to begin? Do you worry that college swimming will pass your child by, with no opportunity for a scholarship or a roster position?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then get ready!

American Record Holder, Courtney Bartholomew, will be here to talk with swimmers and their parents about navigating the college recruiting process and managing the college placement process by finding the “best-fit” academically and athletically on September 28th at 6pm.

Topics Covered during this discussion:

  • Assist in the comparison of colleges and swimming programs to help swimmers determine their potential "best fit" campuses.
  • Discuss introductory letters swimmers can send to coaches on their target list of schools.
  • Offer advice on a swimming and academic resume template
  • Explain the NCAA recruiting process in detail including timelines and applicable rules.
  • Prep swimmers and parents for campus visits and meetings with coaches.
  • Educate families on the NCAA initial-eligibility requirements.
  • Talk about the college experience and necessary commitment level.
  • Compare and contrast NCAA DI, DII and DIII, NAIA, and NCJAA - prerequisites, time commitments, scholarship opportunities, etc.      

If you have any questions before this event, Please feel free to reach out to Courtney Bartholomew at or through her website .